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2009 Honda FCX Clarity Zero-cell Car Fuel Emissions

Posted Jan 21st 2011 10:36PM


FCX Clarity honda 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Zero cell Car Fuel Emissions

Do you think you would not see the fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen engines achieving zero emissions in your life? the reality of hydrogen may be closer than you expected. Honda calm technical innovator, will be the hiring of its FCX Clarity fuel cell car production to selected customers much more quickly than expected. As the EV Plus electric car, the vehicle first generation FCX fuel cell that preceded it, this is a limited production vehicle, manufactured like other Honda vehicles, but not yet mass-market volumes . Yet it is clearly the next step towards commercialization of advanced technology vehicles and an important step in our path to a greener future.

honda fcx clarity 006 e1295649061738 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Zero cell Car Fuel Emissions

An evolution of Honda’s tireless efforts at electric zero-emission vehicle, the FCX Clarity is blowing smoke and mirrors of the vehicles futuristic design and technique shown on sci-fi pages and presents instead an elegant, stylish, and really, Main Street America sedan powered by “tomorrow” clean fuels: hydrogen. In this case, hydrogen combines with oxygen in Clarity fuel cell edge, converting chemical energy into electricity to power the sophisticated electric powertrain.

FCX Clarity Engine Bay LR 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Zero cell Car Fuel Emissions

Moving the testing of a fleet under controlled conditions in a relatively few months of clarity in the hands of ordinary consumers. For $ 600 a month, a lucky group of forward thinkers in Southern California can be rented from the sedan FCX Clarity fuel cell for three years. Trade can be sweeter, because 6-100 including collision insurance and maintenance. Honda seems to follow closely the interaction of consumers with clarity as part of the development process.

The clarity is not a baby step in the production of fuel development, consumer-ready phone, but a giant step forward. New Honda V Flow fuel cell stack to push the boundaries of technology at all levels. Vertically oriented V Flow stack is 65 percent smaller than the Honda FC Stack fuel cell it replaces. Its compact size allows the flow of V is at the center of the tunnel between the front seats. The entire power supply is 45 percent less than the previous generation, which notes that Honda is responsible for the space needed for a modern gasoline-electric hybrid transmission.

Honda FCX Clarity 3 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Zero cell Car Fuel Emissions

Small but powerful V Flow provides 100 kilowatts of power compared to the 86 kW produced by the current of FC stack and also provides a 50 percent increase in the density of volume production. Clarity uses a lithium-ion battery which is also 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the ultra-capacitor used in the current FCX. Packaging design flow advantages Powertrain all V, enabling Honda Clarity engineer as a sports sedan and very functional.

clarity trunk 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Zero cell Car Fuel Emissions

On the way, gives the performance improvement of clarity compared to the previous FCX well. Part of this comes from a reduction of 400 pounds of weights obtained by the V Flow platform that provides an improvement of 25 percent of the overall power to weight ratio. Fuel economy is said to be 20 percent better than Honda estimates respond to 68 mpg in combined city / highway. With only 5,000 psi hydrogen tank, clear an estimated range of 270 miles, an increase of 30 percent over the current FCX and a range of conduct that is likely to be acceptable to consumers.

Honda begins limited retail marketing of the FCX Clarity, in the summer of 2008 in Southern California. In addition to the further development of infrastructure and distribution of cars, the Honda uses a service that offers the convenience of the customer while Honda to follow the ownership experience. After the service, the customer drops only clarity to the nearest Honda dealer and American Honda to drive a vehicle in the Los Angeles area for repair. Here, qualified to handle more work is needed and then sent the machine back to pickup the customer’s local dealer.

honda fcx clarity 2 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Zero cell Car Fuel Emissions

Honda is relentless in moving the fuel cell technology. real-world testing of small fleets are a way of demonstrating the viability of advanced technology vehicles. In this case, Honda even more because some stages of the FCX Clarity is a limited edition vehicle that regular consumers. It is a bold and Honda will no doubt benefit from the program as much as drivers in Southern California the opportunity to praise the clarity of three years.

Looking for purity, it is difficult not to imagine that you take a look at an agreement in the future. This four-door sedan style is an important milestone in the design, development of fuel cells, and the future of zero emission hydrogen as an alternative fuel important. We breath waiting for the next evolution in the hydrogen car driving on the mass market.

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