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1997 Gigliato Aerosa

Posted Feb 11th 2011 6:26AM


Gigliato Aerosa1 1997 Gigliato Aerosa

Gigliato Design Company was founded by Nobuo Nakamura, a Japanese designer. Gigliato Design, in collaboration with Lamborghini, united to build an exotic car. The result was Aeros, the first public presentation at the Geneva Motor Show in 1997. Plans for the launch of the 1995 agreement signed by the technician must be notified by a Lamborghini, a car developed and built. Gigliato Design Company was a key planning and then a primary importer Aeros Japan.

Gigliato Aerosa2 1997 Gigliato Aerosa

In a perfect world, take orders from 1998, with deliveries starting in 1999. Purchase price of about $ 65,000, this is an exotic sports car was relatively cheap. The engine was pure Ford Mustang taken at Detroit. 4.8-liter V8 Ford would have to drive a vehicle to sixty mph in under five seconds. This would put on a par with Ferrari and Porsche, at least in some models, such as the 355th.

The Aeros Gigliato design remains a prototype.

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