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2011 McLaren MP4-12C Sport Cars

Posted Feb 6th 2011 12:46PM


2011mp4 12c h 2011 McLaren MP4 12C Sport Cars

Automotive Launches McLaren McLaren MP4-12C

The first range of high performance sports cars at home is the world’s most successful racing car company. McLaren MP4-12C set to rewrite the rules for sports car design through engineering Formula 1-inspired, revolutionary chassis architecture, and focus on the absolute efficiency. Inspired by the legendary McLaren F1 concept, 21 century, the requirements to guide implementation McLaren MP4-12C.

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McLaren MP4-12C is pure McLaren, the unique technique for the custom design, where everything is for a reason. The McLaren MP4-12C is revealed as the first of a series of high performance sports car McLaren Automotive, the automotive division based independent McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. 12C, and future models of the range, will test the world’s best sports cars, which benefit from the experience and virtuosity of the McLaren Group.

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Twenty years of sports car design and production together with a stirring success in Formula 1 driven by Ron Dennis, McLaren Automotive is the president informs his plan for final assembly of technological leadership and high performance cars to the customer-oriented, 21 century. Rules for the sports car in the world is re-written.

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Through a rich modern history, McLaren Automotive Division has already built the world’s most acclaimed supercar, the McLaren F1 (1993-1998) and the supercar world’s best selling luxury, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (2003-2009). McLaren Automotive future is now a new type of revolutionary sports car.

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It is a long-standing dream of mine to launch a series of high performance sports car that sets new standards in the industry, “says Dennis”.

We started to design and build cars for car lovers and a sports car for almost 20 years ago. Using advanced technology that the McLaren team has built its different companies, I believe that we are now in a perfect position to open new chapter in the history of McLaren and participate in the regeneration of high-tech sector in Italy and in the global environment industry automobile, he said.

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Basically, the McLaren MP4-12C has a structure in revolutionary carbon fiber chassis, carbon single cell: the first car in this segment is based on about as strong and lightweight racing-car design solution and the first car featured a piece of property carbon fiber.

This radical change in the design of sports cars means that sets new standards of 12C not only in treatment, conduct and direct results, but also security, economic and practical in an already competitive sector.

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Martin Whitmarsh, the team principal of McLaren as part of the McLaren racing and road car experience played in the development of 12C: McLaren has been offering a potent mix of race car and road car technology . This combination of the heritage of performance of McLaren, and future needs for what is expected of high performance sports cars in the 21 century, gave us the advantage when we started this project. The 12C, and future versions, based on the spirit of Formula 1 and offers real-world technological progress.

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The first car of the new company, the McLaren MP4-12C, is a high performance two-seater mid-engined sports car model with the market is vital for the cost of cars between 000 and 125 pounds 175,000 pounds. 12C is a pure McLaren, where there is no transmission from other parts of the car, and produces the McLaren in the United Kingdom. It will be on sale through its global network of distributors in early 2011. McLaren is already an automaker with maturity and experience that have produced iconic cars like the F1, said Antony Sheriff, CEO of McLaren Automotive.

The next step was to build a pure sports car series and McLaren high-performance cars that are true to the philosophy of Companys and reflect our leadership position in technology and absolute return. So when we are in the 12C project, we wanted to rewrite the rules of sports cars. In fact, the 12C offers performance and technology that surpasses luxury cars of the worlds most sophisticated and expensive, while competition in a market segment much more accessible. And to achieve this result, we designed all the components from scratch to achieve the objectives of the 12C extreme and avoid commitment.

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