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2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

Posted Apr 26th 2011 6:26AM


2011 BMW X3 M Sports Package Front Angle View 800x532 e1303497982807 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

2011 BMW X3 SUV is the best premium compact, if you want to see how all the stars car model reacts under competitive pressure. 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise is a completely new version of the second generation of this compact crossover.

2011 BMW X3 M Sports Package Interior View 800x532 e1303498175722 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

E ‘slightly larger than the 2004-2010 model, but still performance-oriented and sports cars on the road rather than off-road warrior. Styling is an evolution. Engine choices are likely to quadruple to four. And BMW will make joint efforts to drive down prices, because it is struggling with the sale of hard for new competitors like the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK350.

If you expect a 2011 X3 BMW or buy a BMW 2010 X3? Wait a X3 2011. Model 2010 is still the most flexible crossover in its class, but feel dated in some ways cooler than the competition. It is not enough that the X3 2011 and the game will provide a wide range of engines and options for a more liberal policy, a strategy designed to make them more accessible.

bmw x3 series greenville sc 30206 BLT78017 11 e1303498311559 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

Style: BMW has not revealed the final design of the BMW X3 2011 that this review, but the photos of disguised prototypes on test suggest that this second-generation version will be a little more aggressive and much larger than the 2004-2010 model. There will be five passenger car with four doors marked in front of the BMW kidney grille traditional marriage, if the nose is giving more importance to the lower air intakes. trademark trademark twist-back pillar rear roof will be back and sides of the body must retain a portion of the hollow appearance of the model’s cheekbones first generation. The X3 2011, growing in length, height and width for more passengers and cargo volume. This corresponds to a deficit model of the first generation suffers in comparison with the new larger rivals. It also helps to distinguish the second generation of the new BMW X3 X1 will launch a few months after the X3 2011. The X1 is less than the BMW X3 2004 – 2010 and offers a new entry – level SUV.

bmw x3 series greenville sc 30206 BLT78017 8 e1303498439738 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

Mechanics: The 2011 BMW X3 will remain focused on athletes route. The first generation X3 image emphasized that limiting the choice of engines to a live line six-cylinder 3.0-liter with 260 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque. It came only with BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive (AWD) system tuned for optimum handling and traction on dry roads and in wet weather to the same extent. True to BMW-folded amateur pilot, the X3 compact SUV is available only with a manual transmission. The X3 2011 will not redial the sport suspension tuning, however it is almost certain to adopt a more liberal approach in the supply motor. Among the options being considered, sources say, are units with four and six cylinder less power than the previous model, more than six turbo with 300. Reports also say that BMW is considering diesel engine options similar to the X3 abroad popular in the market.

2011 BMW X3 M Sports Package Side View 800x532 e1303498556238 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

Features: 2011 X3 will continue after a BMW philosophy, which focuses on the fundamentals heavy standard, while demoting immaterial to the list of options. But BMW will also encourage American buyers of the second generation X3 to select options with the same freedom exercised by foreign customers. Two factors make this possible new power to choose, the transfer of production of X3 from Austria to the BMW plant in South Carolina, and a new control system that allows buyers of U.S. equipment in a state week or two their debut X3 assembly line. Expect the 2011 BMW X3 to count among its standard equipment a full range of ABS and traction systems, large disc brakes all four wheels, alloy wheels, suspension components tuned for optimum handling and an assortment airbags that include head protection side curtains for both rows of seats.

2011 BMW X3 M Sports Package Rear Angle View 800x532 e1303498611375 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

A tilt telescoping steering column, steering wheel controls, Power windows, locks and heated mirrors, split rear seats fold and BMW “leatherette” upholstery will also be included. In packages or used as separate entities, would probably have the potential for a long list of functional requirements, comfort and convenience, leather, wood and aluminum interior appointments, a large panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel and seats, headlights Xenon and special wheels Sport tires, suspension, a navigation system voice control, Bluetooth and USB iPod interface.

Prices for the 2011 BMW X3 will not be announced until shortly before the vehicle is sold. However, BMW has recognized the need to broaden the range of price competition X3. It is one of the reasons broader range of engines will probably contain a lower price than four cylinders. This is why buyers want more opportunities to equip X3 as they prefer. BMW sees as a way to avoid losing customers put off by the dealers tend to store most profit-padding loaded models.

bmw x3 series greenville sc 30206 BLT78017 6 e1303498760929 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

The X3 2010 had a base price of $39.725, including destination charge $875 for BMW. (. All prices in this study include manufacturer’s destination charge) popular options include panoramic sunroof ($1,350) navigation system ($1,800) and leather upholstery ($1,450) and more expensive these packages together and Other features also available. A sticker price approaches $50,000 was not uncommon for an option to purchase richly 2010 X3.

Expect the 2011 X3 Pricing starts close to the level of 2010, or maybe start a little ‘under the base year, four-cylinder version of the equipment. It would be a step forward in the new competitive model, which is bigger and probably better than the outgoing version. A well-equipped X3 2011 with the choice of engine at the top, although it would once again field of $ 50,000.

EPA mileage estimate of 2,011 models were not issued in time for this review. But the four-cylinder engine, diesel as well as possible, should help the 2011 BMW X3 meets or exceeds the fuel-economy ratings for the outgoing model – although it is likely to be larger and heavier.

The X3 2010 is estimated at 17/24 mpg (city/highway) with manual or automatic transmission. A four-cylinder diesel or X3 can be expected to overcome obstacles, while a turbocharged 300 horsepower and six model can not.

2011 BMW X3 M Sports Package Rear View 800x532 e1303498934115 2011 BMW X3 Seri 6 SUV New Realise

2011 BMW X3 Release Date

The 2011 BMW X3 dealerships due to the late winter of 2010. What’s next for BMW X3?

BMW might decide to deploy different engines throughout the year 2011-model or even delay certain powertrain and equipment selection until model year 2012. The most exciting possibility would be to add a gas/electric hybrid version.

First-generation X3 was seven, in which a minor mid-cycle face-lift and bump of 35 horsepower for model year 2007. The second generation of life is perhaps not quite as long as the competition, the need to reform the model as often as possible. Still, do not expect anything from stylistic revision until 2014 or so.

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