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New Toyota Belta Sedan Review

Posted Apr 27th 2011 6:11AM


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New Toyota Belta Sedan Review (referred to in the North American and Australian market, the New Toyota Belta Sedan, Toyota Yaris or Toyota Vios sedan market in South-East Asia) is a utilitarian sedan manufactured in Toyota Motor Corporation. It ‘been completely rebuilt and a sports version of the sedan Toyota Platz stop. Belta went on sale in 2006, is equipped with a 1.0-to 1.3-liter engines (in Japan), and in 2007 in North America are equipped with 1.5-liter.

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The Vitz and Belta sharing basis with each other. However, while the Vitz was conceived in European design studios of Toyota, the Belta has been designed at Toyota’s Japanese design studios – design projects for similar cars marketed to different demographics. While output models Platz and Vitz look and feel like most (the only things that cars do not share the clip before, lights, rear doors, and the organizations behind B pillar), the new sedan Belta sedan and Vitz are subtly linked. Share a dashboard similar, but different, not using the same components. The cars only share a frame transmission and options. The body is completely different. The Belta has increased over the previous generation, its interior volume greater than the generation of the Corolla 2001-2008.

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This model is not produced in Europe, Israel, Lebanon and the South African market. In an attempt to increase sales and popularity among young people, Toyota has created a MySpace profile of the vehicle/North American Yaris Belta as part of an advertising campaign.

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The interior is also brand new, with almost nothing has been brought forward from the current Vios. New faces are always mounted in the center, but otherwise everything is new. The advanced features Japanese BELTA like keyless entry and ignition systems.

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This car is obviously much better than the current Vios here in Thailand. It ‘possible that the Belta is in Thailand after the launch of the Yaris, but Toyota can not be too great a hurry to replace the ever popular Vios, which sells more than the Jazz and the city together. Considering how well the Vios and the City to sell in Thailand, it is strange that they are the only two options for a compact sedan segment.

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If you are considering a purchase of small cars in Thailand for now you might know what to expect. The Vios, City and Jazz have received their final facelift and are dying. With the Yaris Belta and indications that it is safe to say that the replacements will be much better, higher quality cars.

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