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2011 New Nissan Maxima Review

Posted May 27th 2011 3:14AM


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The New Nissan Maxima has long been touted as a four – door version of the Z car sports company. In fact, early versions had the nickname “4DSC” in the rear windows 2011 New Nissan Maxima to the knower of secrets in this sedan is actually a “4 door sport” behind closed doors.

But as the maximum transformed by successive iterations, the style has lost the edge of the original print. Its power to weight ratio has also suffered, as the highest gained weight and height of horsepower without a corresponding increase. 4DSC stickers soon disappeared and the maximum and just a sport sedan Another great without the claims of the original.

The introduction of 2011 model, however, indicates that the tide has turned Nissan. 4DSC old stickers were placed back into the rear window, and if you watch television commercials Nissan Maxima today and see a potential client who wants to convert the car (370Z) in the car you need (maximum) per boot the body of the form Z sedan with a couple of major upheavals.

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The transformation of the real world, however, is not so simple. The Z is a front engine, the actual wheel drive two – seater with quick reflexes and light. The Maxima is front – engine as the Z, but the front wheel in place. Although it uses a tune (290hp), smaller in version 3.5 – liter V6 with 3.7 liters of Z for power, does not produce enough torque (261 lb. – ft.) to pull the wheel when running their hands crush the accelerator, if the front wheels are turned. 4DSC is the antithesis of behavior, such as maximum reservoir makes a series whips induced torque steer before you get the leadership, of course, got up immediately.

That warning aside, the Maxima that is consistent with admirable restraint, not only the smooth roads, but full of irregular holes. All season Goodyear RS – rings are a good compromise between size and comfort and 245/45R18 joke. Although the suspension could not bear to be a little ‘closer and 4DSC true performance, passengers will not complain about the lack of a definitive statement, because they are so well treated by the procedure. Nissan Made in USA (Smyrna, GA), the Maxima is built very impressive machine, precision custom waffle – weave headliner for its elegant stitched premium leather seats. A panel of fine – grained stone tool is responsible for similar material covering the dashboard and door panels at the top. accents of eucalyptus wood – like looks rich and discreet.

The driver’s seat has a 3 – position heating and ventilation, the rear seats slouch inviting, and twice the length of the roof that covers the length of the cabin. While the rear windows of a bill in mid – September is that Nissan has refused 4DSC label disappears. For this purpose they are equipped with driver’s compartment, where the blades elephant ear firms manage the transition to a 6 – speed automatic CVT transmission.

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