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New Toyota Avanza Facelift Review

Posted May 1st 2011 4:48AM


toyota avanza new facelift e1304089038990 New Toyota Avanza Facelift Review

New Toyota Avanza Facelift is here in Malaysia six years on countless occasions, and to do so without lifting a substitution model is rolled out. Advance has once again given its second update, and this time only a thin strip of body upgrade, “added exterior” New Toyota Avanza Facelift.

2009 Toyota Avanza 4 e1304089108725 New Toyota Avanza Facelift Review

Based on feedback from consumers, the interior is now Forward dark interior colors, as opposed to creamy interior of “pre-facelift” Forward it was. mats and center console box is also available in black now so that the car is easier to deal with is compared with the white interior.

toyota avanza new facelift 8 e1304089139667 New Toyota Avanza Facelift Review

Offer starts a new Avanza Toyota Avanza 1.3 E Manual RM62, 000 and the Toyota Avanza 1.5 S Auto in RM 77, 490.

Toyota gave the 7-seater Toyota Avanza a second facelift in place after the first facelift that also introduced the 1.5 liter model in Malaysia, and will almost immediately after the launch of Indonesia this morning in Malaysia.

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Five levels of specifications will be available in Malaysia – the 1.5s (RM78.5k), 1,5 (RM74.5k), the 1.5E (RM70k), the automatic 1.3E (RM65.8k), and the 1.3E manual (RM62 0,5 k). All versions come only 1.5 liter automatic transmission. These prices are estimated Malaysia’s private recording.

avanza white2 e1304089218153 New Toyota Avanza Facelift Review

Changes to the exterior is mostly aesthetic, while inside you get a new color instrument panel is a mixture of gray and beige that Toyota calls “unbleached.” 3-spoke steering wheel is now also a 4-spoke design, while the center dash where the air cond control and main unit is now in a color called “silver smoke.” It seems that the roof of the car also gets some editorial guidelines to assist in climate control in front of the fans and the third row. Insulation was also added to reduce noise in the roof, raindrops do when you hit the roof of the car.

7 seater02 770 450x299 e1304089255155 New Toyota Avanza Facelift Review

In Indonesia, the sheep model S-spec a 2-DIN car stereo instead of a 1-DIN versions and a gear lever closed, but a quick glance at the specs of the facelifted Avanza preview posted on the UMW Toyota shows we still have a 1-DIN version. But all automatic models in Malaysia are dependent shifter, not just the S-spec.

avanza white back2 e1304089288641 New Toyota Avanza Facelift Review

Another change that is evident in the photo above is a new color – white. This is a very basic facelift, minor changes are made only to prolong the life of this model that has existed since 2004 and facelifted in 2006. If you follow a five-year life of the model, which is scheduled to retire next year, but it looks like the Avanza will be here for awhile.

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