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2011 New Volkswagen Golf Twin drive

Posted Jun 3rd 2011 4:09AM


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Volkswagen is working on a plug – in hybrid version of the Golf/Rabbit, named Twin Drive, for introduction in 2011. A basic version of the proof of concept with a diesel engine is being tested on a fleet of 20 cars in Berlin. But in the Golf 6 launch, VW engineers said the production version will be gasoline because emission controls will be too expensive for a hybrid. Autonomy in electric mode only, the Golf Twin Drive is targeted at 30 miles.

Although VW engineers talk of Drive Extender Twin gas engine, gasoline engine seized on wheels. It ‘very different the GM Volt, the internal combustion engine drives the wheels is never mechanically.

The test fleet is powered by a 2.0L turbodiesel engine producing 122 hp total, 82 of which must be an electric motor. However, the production version is expected to decline 1.4 Liter 4 – cylinder gasoline direct injection, producing a total of 100 hp.

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A £350 lithium – ion batteries supplied by Sanyo, which allows for 30 miles on a full charge. CEO Martin Winterkorn said: “TWINDRIVE” means that the electric motor that can run on gas traveling long distances. This means that we can see charging the battery using the electricity generated by the engine. Other characteristics of Economics fuel include reversing the power button and a single e – mode “that can be pressed in ZEV – only areas to reduce gas consumption.

There are 40 hp for regenerative braking. Inversion is electric only. An “e – mode” button can be pressed in ZEV only areas that hinder the gasoline engine altogether.

350 – pound battery is a Sanyo, a lithium – ion cells. Capacity of 12 kWh, although it is usually sold out in only 8 kWh. It is located in the trunk floor, so that the spare tire, unless the rabbit is in the same package as the basic machine.

The gasoline engine is a 1.4 – liter direct – injection turbo four experimental cars, but a production version should at least take off, producing a triple 1.05L 100 hp electric pulse if necessary. This concept is reduced to turbo offers high energy efficiency and greater flexibility to cope with the absence of interim reports.

The system controller is linked to the vehicle navigation system calculates the best time to use battery power – if the system knows that an urban area is ahead, it will be longer term effects on the gasoline engine. It will also ensure the car arrives at its destination with depleted batteries, ready to make cheap electricity rather than expensive gasoline.

VW is building a partnership with German utility E. ON, which according to VW’s engineers, has spare capacity at night to feed 10 million charge for electric vehicles.

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