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2011 New Volvo C30 R – Design

Posted Jun 22nd 2011 1:43AM


2011new volvo c30 r design 1 2011 New Volvo C30 R   Design

The R – Design is the sportiest of the cartel members Volvo C30. The C30 T5 R – Design and the employer receives a facelift for 2011 – the first since the introduction of the car for 2008, with a different lighthouse and a Volvo trademark over the grid. The R – Design gives differentiating aesthetic and a body kit complete with a monochrome painting, logos wheels R – Design interior and exterior, matte – silver – side mirror housing, and 18 inches.

The changes are not of the variety of design, but because in 2011 the R – Design package adds stiffer springs, shock absorbers, quicker steering and retouched. Work of 2011, the nose with the R – Design has almost been convinced that the C30 is a compact real sport.

As before, ie, well integrated and easy to navigate, although changes in the chassis of the R – Design for a difficult journey at times. Call Goldilocks: We believe that the original suspension was too soft, but we now believe that Volvo could have overcome the sweet spot. But it is warming now. Fortunately, some of the numbness was removed from the address, it feels good in the center is still insufficient. As expected, the torque steer and traction problems persists in trying to put 227 horsepower and 236 lb – ft of torque to the pavement by the front tires. Our tester was equipped with a five – speed automatic transmission, a six – speed manual is standard, and this is one of the few occasions when slushbox recommended. In our experience, the manual of the C30 with its clutch and shifter rubber, without comment, does not add any driver intervention. The car can at least gear selection manumatic his door.

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Insofar as part of a luxury sedan to go front – wheel – drive, the C30 is only real competition is the Mini Cooper S and Volkswagen GTI, both begin with a period and slightly lower price. Volvo Mini Interior is responsible for eccentricity, but it can not contribute to the very meaning of human – machine connection, which will sit on the GTI or Cooper S. And those two cars with much more communicative and fun from the start. When it comes to the usefulness of the diamond back door Volvo bargain stuff – ingestion is also just 20 cubic feet behind the front seats with raised folded, the Mini can eat 24 small cubes, and the GTI scarf is 44 The price of our tester, also aim to examine the underside 128th BMW Coupé. Go to front – wheel drive of the C30 and the thrust of the Bimmer is less dramatic than one might think BMW has recently admitted that 80 percent of 1 – series owners surveyed believed that their car had front – wheel drive.

A C30 basic functions $ 25.450. Upgrade R – Design model adds $ 2,350. Automatic transmission costs $ 1250th Our test car was $ 1,800 Preferred Package (power sunroof, keyless entry and start, power adjustable front seats), $ 900 climate package (heated front seats, headlight washers, wipers, automatic climate control), a pair of 800 million pivot xenon headlights, and $ 400 for Sirius satellite radio, bringing the total premium of $ 32,950 very. The checkboxes for the handful of other options, special paint, a blind spot warning, and a stereo system with improved navigation pushes prices past $ 36,000. Zoinks.

If you’re sold on the C30 and the look you want added to the R – design, you can justify the additional cost in terms of good Scandinavian design it’ll complement your IKEA – filled apartment. But we’ll take the cheapest and most satisfying GTI.

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