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2011 Alfa Romeo Milano Reach A New Style

Posted Aug 8th 2011 11:02PM


2011 Alfa Romeo Milano 2 e1312844331403 2011 Alfa Romeo Milano Reach A New Style

Here are a 2011 Alfa Romeo Milano to develop a new style premium compact Italy has a strong contender for Fiat and Chrysler cars. Locations of Milano can accumulate in the U.S. Before examining some of the optical structure is very similar to that of Peugeot models (as well), both of whom have much to do optical myth (which is small compared to the rest of the car), using the grid the myth and the air intake is too large.

In addition, we used almost 147 (unless it is another drawing of the window), large rings, the terminology and the waist. New 2011 Milano as a dashboard-mounted diagnostic computer system will be able to monitor the engine and to remind the driver of any faults.Both and out of Milano, and was similar in the two angles equal rectangles and straight lines.

2011 Alfa Romeo Milano e1312844314486 2011 Alfa Romeo Milano Reach A New Style

Alfa Romeo Milano is a team of very high quality such as air conditioning, sunroof, leather, ABS, limited slip differential, assisted by the address of some alloy wheels. Milano to replace the Premium subscription of 147, Car News reported today, and will be officially launched in Europe in the spring of 2010. The draft code of 940, the first light of day in Milano, saw the name of the ’80s, when it was marketed as an American version of the European Union, Alpha Figure 75 we see that the 149 subjects design the new myth continues , though closer to the car.

These photographs, broke, and published online by the users of Facebook Gianmario Deriu, seems to have shot at Pomigliano d’Arco, Italy, where the 147 General Assembly is currently building machinery. Hopefully the production version of the 149 planned for introduction at the Geneva show, but it seems to be a real opportunity to introduce the Alfa Romeo USA 2011 to the public, the date of the event.

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