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New FPV Falcon F6 2008-4.0 Liter Turbo

Posted Aug 6th 2011 6:30AM


FPV Falcon F6 Front angle top View e1312611777581 New FPV Falcon F6 2008 4.0 Liter Turbo

FPV Falcon F6‘s new, which opened in May on the basis of the new FPV F6 Falcon, which began arriving in New Zealand and was released in June F6 flagship 4.0-liter turbo powered by a DOHC 24-valve inline six-cylinder engine that was best for maximizing the power of 310kW 5500rpm. The maximum torque of 565 nm developed from 1950 to 5200rpm. To achieve 40 kW unit FPV engineers improved the design of the piston and turbo.

The new system to improve air flow from the inlet to the head of the arrival of the machine that reduces the pressure difference, without losing the ability to improve. Perhaps the most interesting is a change in the FPV Falcon F6 of 4.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder available in sedan and F6 Ute. In stock form, the engine develops 362 horsepower and 393 lb.-ft. of torque, performance is near the traditional V-8, but with less thirst for fuel.

These are respectable numbers, but large marine engine turbo, interkulerov and other changes, the output of 416 hp FPV Falcon F6 big strikes. Torque comes on strong in 1950 rpm Turbo scroll, gave £417 yards from the red line (5200 RPM). More than respectable, but also for customers who are always interested in two additional cylinders, FPV offers some models with 5.4 liter V-8. “Boss 315″ engine of 422 HP and 406 lbs-ft of torque Mosey.

FPV Falcon F6 speedo View e1312611902818 New FPV Falcon F6 2008 4.0 Liter Turbo

It’s better than the stock 5.4-liter Sokol (383 HP and 388 lb.-ft. classification, respectively), but only six horses and nine pounds six feet under FPV Falcon F6 Turbo. Any type of engine is available with six-speed Tremec six-speed ZF manual or automatic, so there is no transmission of benefits to select a different engine.

FPV Falcon F6 Side view e1312611884600 New FPV Falcon F6 2008 4.0 Liter Turbo

Buyers can choose between V-8 with nostalgia, or you do not like the forced induction, but they can also choose the model of the V-8 GT, GT-E GT-P sedan and the pursuit and prosecution of super guest-appearance . All sports, front and rear fascia, side skirts, 19-inch alloy wheels, rear spoiler and decklid muscles bulging hood. FPV Falcon F6, Six-cylinder sports models, with the exception of the source line of the hood and grille, which provides a base side of the intercooler. Looks good, but we can not live without graphics, in their strange mixture of strips of paint, Ford, and the traditional Aboriginal war. We chose the GT-E and V-8 Sport sniffed spoiler and GT-P, but not sticky interior.

FPV Falcon F6 Rear angle top View e1312612192553 New FPV Falcon F6 2008 4.0 Liter TurboFPV Falcon F6 Rear angle View e1312611866698 New FPV Falcon F6 2008 4.0 Liter Turbo

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