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New Alfa Romeo GT Q2 Hatchback 147 Companies

Posted Oct 11th 2011 8:29PM


Alfa Romeo GT Q2 1 e1318364568926 New Alfa Romeo GT Q2 Hatchback 147 CompaniesWe were impressed with the Alfa Romeo GT Q2 differential for the tailgate 147 companies, but how the interest rate on the main GT? Torsen torque-sensing device continuously adjusts the amount of power directed to each of the front wheels, in accordance with the conditions – and the results are impressive. No matter if you are in central angle 16-valve when the oil stove at 305 nm provides a maximum torque of mechanical ingenuity T2 helps maintain traction and keep the electricity disappeared into a cloud of skating useless.

Alfa Romeo GT Q2 2 e1318364185805 New Alfa Romeo GT Q2 Hatchback 147 CompaniesThe Alfa Romeo GT Q2 version, by contrast, has an 18-wheeler double chromed exhaust terminal satin finish grille, whiskers and mirror housings, the low position and Q2 logo on the tailgate. Interior design emphasizes the sporting character of this version: The instrument panel, the red background and white lighting, black leather seats with red stitching and the Alfa Romeo logo, steering wheel, gearshift knob and handbrake gaiters in black leather with red stitching, special ‘Q2′ high heel straps, cut anthracite gray gravel and aluminum pedals.

Alfa Romeo GT Q2 3 e1318363975673 New Alfa Romeo GT Q2 Hatchback 147 CompaniesAnd finally, radio controls on the steering wheel, radio with CD and MP3 player and a Bose ®Hi-Fi system with subwoofer is standard on all. Start-ups ‘Q2′ version of the Alfa Romeo 147 and Alfa Romeo to expand the scope of the two models are very popular among the public and the critics, not only to achieve the targets set beyond their expectations, but each of them. For example, nearly three years on the market, Alfa Romeo GT has acquired over 55,000 customers in Europe, which underlines that the model was an important place for itself in the highly competitive market segment.

Alfa Romeo GT Q2 4 e1318363919753 New Alfa Romeo GT Q2 Hatchback 147 CompaniesAlfa Romeo GT Q2 5 e1318363846158 New Alfa Romeo GT Q2 Hatchback 147 CompaniesDifferential and the intelligent, buyers also get a wide range of cosmetic adjustments to Q2 outside the standard car. The most obvious is five 18-inch alloy wheels, twin chrome exhaust and a satin finish, but in the mirror and door grille also distinguish the newcomer. A small Q2 badge on the tailgate and the weak position – thanks to the suspension tweaked – to provide more thoughtful. Premium £1000 Q2 tends to command more than the standard car is also easier to bear when you consider the improved interior.

Alfa Romeo GT Q2 6 e1318363804735 New Alfa Romeo GT Q2 Hatchback 147 CompaniesAnd black leather seats with red stitching, buyers also get a protective metal threshold elegant anthracite trim class on the dashboard and steering wheel stereo improved. Finally, the Alfa Romeo GT Q2 differential greater effect in the hatch are smaller and more agile 147, but still a welcome addition to that provided an impetus for the GT-style ranges.

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