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New Mazda Ryuga Concept This is Mazda Supercars

Posted Oct 11th 2011 8:42PM


2007 Mazda Ryuga Concept 1 e1318365496750 New Mazda Ryuga Concept This is Mazda SupercarsDetroit – Mazda Ryuga Concept, Laurens van den Acker, Mazda Motor Corporation in Japan, Design Division General Manager for Hiroshima, destroying the status quo and challenged every designer in the world with three studies the question of his arrival at Mazda early last year. After months of soul searching, hundreds of sketches and thousands of conversations, meetings, discussions and revisions, the first part of the answer was unveiled at a car show in Los Angeles last year.

2007 Mazda Ryuga Concept 2 e1318365433767 New Mazda Ryuga Concept This is Mazda SupercarsMazda Supercars Nagare Concept provocative (stream Japanese), has introduced a new surface language of emotional movement in the place by car. Mazda Ryuga said, focusing on improving the sophistication and combines high quality materials, excellent workmanship and innovative details. Ryuga is a wind swept the main body, gull-doors and fender flares. It will be interesting to see how this vision has been translated into three concept cars and production models may be on the phone.

2007 Mazda Ryuga Concept 5 e1318365093708 New Mazda Ryuga Concept This is Mazda Supercars

Reflects the original Japanese, Ryuga is both simple and complex. While the dominant flow theme is simple details – such as the side surfaces and the wheels – are complex. Solid and liquid live here in harmony. Round the outside, Nakamuta show several important features:

  • Lateral surface karesansui inspired Ryuga (Japanese gardens sec) -. Carefully pick up the gravel in the garden is a peaceful ripples caused by wind in a puddle. Karesansui in the image of natural flow is represented in the texture of the surface of the Ryuga to express simplicity and refinement.
  • Lighthouse shape resembles the flow of morning dew falling bamboo leaves. Advanced LED and fluorescent tubes as a unique design, which is used in future production vehicles.
  • To give the movement, the radius of a 21-inch wheel – different on the left and right – slightly bent, as if they give a couple. To give the feeling of gas turbine blades, the trailing edge of the wheel spokes accented with a tinge of body color.
  • Washing liquid inspired both Ryuga exterior color and design of taillights. According to the incident light, which seems to shades of yellow, red and blue Ryuga surface, exactly like molten lava.
  • The frame of the roof of the cabin and gives an accent presses flowing body style. The camera is located on the front end of each mold his views on the screen in the center of the cabin. The direction indicators are integrated into the accent stands out.
2007 Mazda Ryuga Concept 4 e1318365136437 New Mazda Ryuga Concept This is Mazda Supercars2007 Mazda Ryuga Concept 6 e1318364891646 New Mazda Ryuga Concept This is Mazda SupercarsPerhaps the coolest part of the Ryuga is a four-passenger interior wilderness, accessible by doors and GullWing rendered in white and gray, polished aluminum and plastic. More than flying a “U” does not work very well in practice, but it seems cool.

2007 Mazda Ryuga Concept 7 e1318364751692 New Mazda Ryuga Concept This is Mazda SupercarsThe instrument was born out of the dashboard like a flower, a large chrome with digital and analog displays. Let’s see how many potions Mazda Ryuga Concept luxury and fall (perhaps like the morning dew on the leaves of bamboo) to something like, say, 2010 RX-8, is anyone’s guess.

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