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Aptera Hybrid Concept-Diesel-Electric Car

Posted Dec 4th 2011 11:01AM


Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric Car 1 e1322996059266 Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric CarThis is Aptera Hybrid Concept. The new hybrid to be released by Aptera in 2008 combines both of those qualities to actually produce the automobile of the longer term. Aptera officially unveiled two vehicles that might amendment the long run of automotive style. Aptera’s Typ-1 is a radically different vehicle designed to marry advanced aerodynamics with light-weight composite technology making an incredibly powerful, nonetheless extremely safe vehicle that’s a joy to drive — even for the foremost performance-minded people. Balancing its earth-friendly style on just three wheels, this car looks a lot of like a spaceship or plane than it will like is automobile Aptera electric car.

Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric Car 2 e1322995997220 Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric CarThe Aptera2, the company’s solely model, was a forward thinking egg-shaped three-wheeled automobile that would achieve a 300mgp mgp equivalent on a one hundred twenty mile charge. Mainly thanks to it’s highly aerodynamic body form. Aptera’s Hybrid story is harking back to several automakers that have failed throughout the years, however had nice concepts. Preston Tucker and his Tucker cars, which had revolutionary safety equipment and normal options for the time. John DeLorean and his famed DeLorean sports automobile, that may never be forgotten since it had been featured within the “Back to the Future” movies with Michael J. Fox. Additionally as a bunch of alternative car manufacturers.

Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric Car 3 e1322995960902 Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric CarIts front tires sit in space-like wheel wells off to the facet of the vehicle. Its rear finish involves a dangerous purpose. The actual fuel potency of the vehicle varies primarily based on the sort of automobile that you’re using Aptera Hybrid Concept, the speed that you simply’re going and also the distance that you are traveling. However, the corporate claims that the automobile will get the equivalent of three hundred mpg going fifty five miles per hour.

Other normal options include:

  • Driver and passenger facet airbags
  • Energy absorbing and impact deflecting passenger safety cell
  • Advanced drive pc with GPS navigation, CD/MP3/DVD player, XM satellite radio
  • giant rear read camera and complete vehicle diagnostic system
  • LED interior and exterior lighting for max energy potency
  • An RFID (Radio Frequency ID)? an automatic identification technique thus a driver never needs to pull out their keys to enter or begin their Aptera
  • USB port for powering a laptop or charging an MP3 player and alternative mobile devices.
Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric Car 5 e1322995828433 Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric CarAptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric Car 6 e1322995721392 Aptera Hybrid Concept Diesel Electric CarThe Aptera Concept company claims that the automobile (categorized as a bike by the Dept. of Transportation) in either form are offered for under $30,000! Aptera is Greek for “Wingless Flight,” so let’s hope this isn’t a flight-of-fancy. The company can take a $500 reservation deposit if you live in Southern California (and has taken four hundred already), with the rest folks SOL for currently of Aptera Hybrid Concept.

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