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Invisible Mercedes Benz Promotional In Video

Posted Mar 5th 2012 8:44AM


Invisible Mercedes Benz the illusion that their new zero emissions F-Cell automobile.

Invisible Mercedes Benz has created an artless and attention-capturing video that options an invisible automobile. It’s a region of a brand new advertising campaign that promotes F-CELL hydrogen-powered cars. Such cars turn out zero emissions and shield the atmosphere. Using optical camouflage technology boffins at Mercedes Benz created the illusion that their new zero emissions F-Cell automobile isn’t even there in the slightest degree. A camera and LED panels produce the illusion of an Invisible Mercedes Benz. Taking the principal that to envision through one thing you wish to envision what is behind it, they coated the driver’s aspect of the automobile in mats of LEDs and mounted a digital SLR camera on the alternative aspect of the vehicle.

Invisible Mercedes Led Lights Invisible Mercedes Benz Promotional In Video

An Invisible Mercedes Benz that options the video will travel up to 250 miles and utilizes an electrical engine such as 134 horsepower. The F-CELL hydrogen technology remains terribly expensive however Mercedes-Benz claims it will begin manufacturing hydrogen-powered cars. They assert that hydrogen-powered cars won’t seem on the market till 2015. The most drawbacks are that the lack of correct equipment within the USA for outfitting fuel stations. It’s additionally tough to move and store hydrogen. Though the primary steps are being created and technology moves forward. If you’re taking a glance at the gallery Invisible Mercedes Benz below and you’ll see how these clever dudes did it: by putting a mat of LEDs across one aspect of the Invisible Mercedes Benz vehicle and mounting a video-shooting Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera on the opposite aspect.

In Invisible Mercedes Benz promotional video, stupefied Muggles stare and fall concerning in shock because the team place the automobile through its paces along the highways of Hamburg and therefore the bridges of Bavaria. However, fuel-cell technology remains notoriously expensive; partly as a result of hydrogen may be a tough fuel to store and transport. The materials required to form a viable fuel-cell are still hovering within the expensive stratosphere.

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