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Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV

Posted May 4th 2012 9:41AM


Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV to a 6-speed chiral or 6-speed DCT.

Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV front side Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV

BEIJING, May 4 — Auto China came to a abutting this week of Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV, with the world’s automakers packing up in Beijing and acceptable absorption on the rapidly alteration trends in the world of cars. An actual nice new abstraction car from Geely and see how that bairn loves it. This is the Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV ‘Super Cross’, an examination of a new small-size SUV that has to hit the Chinese bazaar in 2014 or 2015.

Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV interior Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV

It’s 4120mm long, 1755mm advanced and 1600mm tall, with a 2461mm wheelbase. This is a bit ample for a crossover, so it should be appealing ample inside. The abstraction was adapted with 18 inch wheels; hopefully that will accomplish it to the assembly version. Min arena approval is 172mm. Engines, yez that’s a plural, Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV consistently does that for abstraction cars, are a 1.5 akin to a 5-speed chiral or 4-speed automatic, or Geely’s hot 1.3 turbo akin to a 6-speed chiral or 6-speed DCT. It aswell looks like the EX6 will be adequately able-bodied equipped, with four-wheel drive, ESP, automated air conditioning, and more.

Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV side Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV

Even admitting this Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV has some concept-craziness assembly is actual likely. The Chinese bazaar is hot for baby SUV’s that are hardly altered than the rest. Expect then, added cars in your country that originated in China — abnormally if they’ve been fabricated by Chinese firms. Firms like Geely Emgrand EX6 SUV acclimated Auto China to trumpet the models built-in in the country which they’ll anon activate shipment across and their stands were hot acreage at the show.

That could be an acceptable affair as added and added gasoline-powered Chinese cars hit the road, abnormally accustomed the ample cars which blanket abundant of the appearance during Auto China.

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