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Kia Soul Green Lantern SEMA Show

Posted Nov 15th 2012 5:30AM


kia soul green lantern sema show front side Kia Soul Green Lantern SEMA Show

2013 Kia Soul Green Lantern by Super Street Magazine

Today, Kia dropped another one of their teasers involving the Soul crossover and the superhero it’s been dressed to feature: the Green Lantern, and which will appear at the 2012 SEMA Auto Show. The Super Streetmagazine’s wide-body Soul shines with a green and black two-tone exterior paint scheme complete with green mirror-chrome tint on the windows.

What was surprising about this car is that the two back doors have been welded shut to “streamline” the crossover’s appearance. Then, there are the green projector beam headlights, a feature that we admit we find pretty sick. Add the customized Kia Soul Green Lantern-logo fog lights in the widened front fascia, green LED lighting, and 18 x 10.5-inch deep-dish wheels with Green Lantern’s logo on the center and that completes the Soul’s exterior superhero makeover – this machine is ready for anything, just like Green Lantern.

Interiors Kia Soul Green Lantern

Inside, a custom rear cargo compartment features the Kia Soul Green Lantern power battery with his signature lantern logo etched into a clear panel displaying the superhero’s oath lit by LEDs. The rear deck also holds a video monitor to display the “We Can Be Heroes” promotional video. Up front, the Soul’s steering wheel and front seats were reupholstered with green and black leather and includes the Kia Soul Green Lantern logo stitched into the seat backs. Other interior touches include various dash pieces painted in the green and black scheme.

Like the rest of its kind, the Soul “Green Lantern” Edition was built to raise awareness for the We Can Be Heroes campaign against hunger in the Horn of Africa, for which DC Entertainment is a huge advocate for KIA.
So, what do you think about this car?

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