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Shelley Autonomous Audi TTS Stanford at 120 MPH

Posted Nov 14th 2012 8:38AM


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Shelley Autonomous Audi Stanford Robotic Car Hits The Track

Stanford – The computer does bring a lot of convenience for people. Including when driving a car. But what if the car is fully computer controlled?

Currently car technology that features known autopilot technology is being developed by many. The car manufacturers are now racing to the center first to apply. At the university level, Stanford University has now stepped forward to reveal a car that can run independently. Not just walking to your destination, the car made independently of any university is also capable of speeding on a racetrack.

The car, named Shelley was basically a white colored Shelley Autonomous Audi TTS. But with the various technologies implemented, transformed this car race car that is not controlled by humans, but by computers.

Shelley Autonomous Audi TTS Stanford At Thunderhill Raceway.

California, as reported by the official website of Stanford University, Shelley was able to show his strength to run fast up to 120 mph without an accident. Even the time it takes the computer to bulldoze one lap, considered to compete with humans.

The car is a collaboration of Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab, mechanical engineering Associate Professor Chris Gerdes and Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab is able to think like humans and account for themselves when to turn, brake and gas pedal. There were people, the test is only served as a co-pilot where he had to keep the car when it was in danger. And like a real man, Shelley takes time to learn the track with swirling for neither map and remember the first lines to be passed.

Even so, the researchers agree that humans are still better than Shelley. For how to ride a man was still more subtle than Shelley Autonomous Audi way across the track. The reason is because Shelley studying tracks and store them in memory for later use again without much change. While humans rely on feeling and intuition, as such, when people on one lap encounter errors, such as turning too wide, then on the next lap intuition will work to achieve better results.

To that end, in addition to studying the computerized system of a car that can run stand-alone, a team of researchers led by Chris Gerdes was also studying the biological data from two professional racers.

“We need to know how the best riders to do something that makes them so successful,” said Gerdes.

“If we can learn vehicle dynamics of data (based on the dynamic conditions of the driver), we can better maximize the ability of the car,” her straightforward.

Check out the video Shelley Autonomous Audi TTS Stanford at 120 MPH, below to see the ghost-piloted car in action.

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