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2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Review and Specs

Posted Feb 28th 2013 2:27PM


2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Review and Specs front side 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Review and Specs

The 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Debut at 2012 Los Angles Auto Show.

A big company Ford released a model for the next generation, i.e. the 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon. The latest exodus of Ford as a Van, but Ford Transit do not want or do not want called dubbed the model of Van. If you are calling the Ford Transit as “Minivan” it will not be heard.

In the party’s official Ford, that removing the Transit Connect in Los Angles Auto Show in 2012. Nevertheless, Ford recently, using the door based on the “people mover” which has some elements like a minivan. A sliding door side toward the back, or the door (rear driver-side slider is optional). Low step-in. Big hatch at the rear, with liftover is low (side-hinged door will be offered as an option).

The Transit Connect carries the same sort of commercial-vehicle vibe as did the big, stern-looking Volkswagen Vanagon/Eurovan. Ford believes this non-minivan—it will be offered in five-seat form with a Focus-sized 104.8-inch wheelbase and a seven-seat version that rides on a Chrysler 300–like 120.6-inch wheelbase—is the right fit for those who believe minivans have become too large, expensive, and inefficient.

2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Specs

Wagon dimensionality differs from the Van. At 173.9 inches, the five-passenger Wagon is shorter than the van, while the 189.7-inch seven-passenger is longer. At 72.2 inches, both are wider than the Van, while their height—72.6 inches for the five-passenger, 72.0 for the long wheelbase model—is lower by as much as 9.0 inches. Later on in the dashboard navigation controls are a 4.2-inch LCD multifunction display keeps the driver informed of vehicle functions. The entertainment system with CD player can be equipped with SYNC® and MyFord Touch,®* and accessed via remote controls on the available leather-wrapped steering wheel with 4-way adjustments.

While under the hood, Ford is using a naturally aspirated 2.5L four-cylinder or a force-fed 1.6L four borrowed from the Escape and Fusion. Assuming the 1.6L doesn’t get recalled, the boosted four’s broad torque range coupled with Ford’s 6-speed automatic should improve the Connect’s performance on the road. Ford is making no specific power claims for either one, but those engines make 168 hp and 178 hp in the Escape crossover. Fuel economy might exceed 30 mpg on the highway with the turbo engine, but the EPA hasn’t rated it yet. The 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is built on the so-called C1 platform that underpins the excellent Focus, although for vanning duty, the independent rear suspension is swapped for a twist-beam setup, and the rear disc brakes are replaced by drums.

The Transit Connect is not related to the larger, commercial-grade Transit van, also scheduled to go on sale here next year. The payload max is said to exceed 1200 pounds, and cargo space tops out at more than 100 cubic feet with the second and third rows folded flat. Ford says this wagon can tug 2000 pounds with the optional towing setup.

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