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Subaru WRX Silver on Rims Lime Light

Posted Apr 22nd 2013 11:18AM


Subaru WRX Silver on Rims Lime Light front side Subaru WRX Silver on Rims Lime Light

I don’t know about you, but I’m diggin’ the lime green Emotions!

I’ve been really off topic here. We will save the industry politics for another time. The real reason I got into a discussion about the wheel of red, because not too long ago it was all about the Green wheels. I came across this rocking a set WRX custom, neon green Work CR Kais.

I’m kind of digging the front lip of the C-West, in the WRX. It worked out very well because the rear wing and diffuser. A nice little track settings here. The last time I saw this car, it’s for sale. Not sure if it ever do sell or who the new owners. Green is definitely not going to be my choice in the color wheel because I just don’t care for the color wheel. I guess in this work because the aero pieces is striking. This is definitely not supposed to look like a street car.

It becomes even more obvious when you have a look at the engine bay. Reversed intake manifold and I believe, that played turbo kit from Tuning Element. I think You can rock the color wheel when Your engine Bay look like it!

Thanks for everyone’s input. I can’t stop thinking about what to do, but I’m leaning towards the green. It is close to the color I think, and it’s on the silver car. I thought it was pretty good. Should be better with the engine exhaust and black on my bike. That’s how the word is owner this car.

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