Where Should i Buy a New Car Or Used Cars

Advantages Of Buying A New Car And Used Cars Where Should i Buy a New Car Or Used Cars

Here’s how to choose the purchase of new cars and used cars!

All car purchases in started with one decree absolute: there is a selection of new or used? It’s hard to recall a better time to buy a car that his condition is good. Actually all it’s common, if return for sale new car price decline (depreciation) more when compared to a used car. Though all is determined from the condition, and the type of vehicle but the provision already applies to the market price of the new car. The higher the time purchased, the lower the selling price of the return.

While buying a used car as is-no warranty car free from accidents and getting good care from the previous owner. To that end, checking of all parts, before the car was purchased. You can count on one hand the number of new cars to the list for less than $ 10,000. You are buying a small car, possibly with two doors and certainly not automatic with manual transmission, no air conditioning, the lack of safety features (brakes ABS, side impact airbag, etc.) and some other public facilities.

For less than half the price of the average new car, you can buy a vehicle that used three or four years and loaded with more features than the small, bare-bones. But buying a used vehicle has a risk, which could cost more than the vehicle. The fact is, you buy a vehicle that others have owned and driven. You don’t know how it is driven or how well it has been treated. A vehicle used will require maintenance and repair cost may be much faster than the new ones, and this improvement may not be covered by warranty.


For some, buying a new car takes a long time if the unit wait or not ready stock. They want to choose the colors and all the features that go on top of it. There is definitely a pride of ownership and the peace of mind to become the first owners of the vehicle. Some of the advantages of new cars include:

Reduced maintenance: A new vehicle need not care for the first few thousand miles, and then only oil change and tuneup is needed. Some manufacturers even cover the cost of routine maintenance items. New vehicles may not need new tires, battery, brake or exhaust system during the first few years of ownership.

Scope of warranty: Manufacturer covers a new vehicle under warranty for at least three years, and some even longer warranty. Many luxury makers now offer four years and 50,000-60,000 miles. With the guarantee of the manufacturer, if an error occurs it is the responsibility of the dealer and the manufacturer to fix it.

In addition to a comprehensive warranty, car warranty for corrosion resistance and powertrain. Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubishi has the longest warranty powertrain, ranging from “a lifetime” (for Chrysler) to 10 years/100, 000 miles to the other. Many other manufacturers offer more coverage of three years/36, 000 miles, the previous norm-such as in the case of five-year/100 000-mile GM warranty. it’s good to keep in mind that if you bought this vehicle used, what’s left of warranty may not be fully transferable.

Advantages Of Buying A New Car

New car Besides you get a fresh look because all the new conditions ranging from paint, tires and engines. You also get the benefits of the warranty. Generally, the warranty covers the servicing and oil change. Also get a conviction if the car is accident-free. You can easily dress up a car to taste like the installation accessories and spoilers. Psychologically, its owners obtain happiness. In addition, new car loan has a lower interest rate the exile comparison used cars.


If you do not have to buy a new car, a used vehicle does not need to be long to be able to have it, as long as all of the process and the completeness of the full letter.

Increased choice: both new and used car dealers feel the side effects of a tough economy. The positive side of this is that the consumer WINS in a bear market, as dealers price near a large car, SUV and used even middle-down, and there should be many more vehicles on the result of the slowdown in sales.

Advantages Of Buying Used Cars

Buying a used car means you pay much cheaper than new condition. The effect of a price reduction not later too high when the cars would like to resale. It could be when you redeem a used car already full option (ranging from accessories, aftermarket rims to audio), this will certainly save you budget your shopping right? Well, lucky if the owner previously.